The suburb of McDowall is located in the northern part of Brisbane. It is a small suburb, with a population of 7,237. Located within the Australian Eastern Standard Time zone, the suburb is 11 km north-west of the central business district.

There are several shopping centres in the area. One of the main centres is the Flockton Plaza. This is anchored by Woolworths and has specialty stores. The other centre is the McDowall Village, anchored by an IGA supermarket. In addition, the suburb has a drive-in shopping center on its southern boundary.

Several hectares of green areas are found in McDowall, including Raven Street Reserve. The reserve is 24 hectares of bushland and is managed by the Brisbane City Council. Originally established in the 1950s, the reserve is protected by a Greenbelt designation. learn more

The town of McDowall is a largely residential suburb. It is bordered by the suburbs of Everton Hills, Stafford Heights, and Chermside West. The northern portion of the town is surrounded by Cabbage Tree Creek, which flows through the town. Throughout the area, there are patches of trees.

The suburb is also known for its roadways which are themed to honour some famous movie stars. For example, the streets of Gable, Niven, and Hepburn were based on the characters from Hollywood films. More Hollywood-themed streets were added during the 1970s and 1980s.

McDowall has a primary school, McDowall State School. This school is named after Colonel John McDowall, a public servant who was born and raised in the city. The school opened in January 1975.

The local government has a bus service that travels to the suburb’s various shopping centres. It is a quick way to get around the area. Also, the Northside Christian College is located in Flockton Road. Another public reserve is Valentine McDowall Park. This park is a tribute to Dr. Valentine McDowall, who is credited with pioneering work in radio and television broadcasting in Queensland. Gyms here.

The surveyor-general of Queensland was a well-known figure in the state’s history. His appointment in 1877 led to the creation of the standard steel tape for ground measurement in Queensland. During his tenure, he also introduced strict adherence to surveys based on the true meridian. Additionally, he advocated careful planning of access roads. These changes were intended to encourage land settlement. Throughout his career, he emphasized the need for training and reciprocity in the surveying industry.

Several roads in McDowall have names that commemorate famous Australian film and television personalities. However, the suburb’s official name was not given until 1975. Initially, the council wanted to name the suburb after Colonel Frederick Annand. Local residents were opposed to the name, however, and the proposal was rejected.

As of 2011, the census has revealed that the McDowall suburb is home to 6,818 people. This makes it one of the smallest towns in the state. Its population is nearly half male, with 48.8%. Most residents are born in Australia.

There are few attractions in McDowall. Nevertheless, the suburb is popular with visitors. Moreover, it offers some accommodation options.

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