What supplements do I take?

So there’s so many different supplements out there for different goals.

The main goals that people have are building muscle and weight loss, they’re the two main things that we see a lot.

So the popular one for weight gain or muscle gain is carnitine. And the best one for fat loss is called l carnitine. These two are quite popular and used by a lot of gym gym users.

Now, what you’ve got to understand is that there’s no one magic supplement out there that you can just take and forget about your diet and it’s going to make the magic happen, the supplements should not be used as a meal replacement. Unless, you are someone that has to have a drastic weight loss, or someone that has a very low appetite, and can’t really consume too much food.

These are the types of people that supplements can really benefit as a meal replacement. So for example, if somebody has to lose, 50 kilos, for example, one of their meals throughout the day could be a protein shake, for example, that’s as a meal replacement. So for this person, it’s going to benefit them, providing that they still have some solid foods as well throughout the day and not solely rely on a meal replacement.

For somebody that finds it really hard to eat food and stomach it that really needs to increase weight because they’re at a dangerously low weight level, then you’ve got your high calorie protein shakes out there, there’s so many different brands. And you know, some of them that can go up to, 900 calories per serve. And what that will do is that will help increase the calorie intake for those people that find it hard to eat so much food or have a condition where they just can’t digest food properly or stomach.

And having said that, though, I would not recommend using meal supplements replacements, so meal replacement supplement for every meal because the body still requires nutrients from your dense foods as well.

So with supplements as well for people that don’t have any issues with with eating and people that don’t need to have drastic weight loss, then you should really use your supplements as an added bonus on top of your already worked out daily diet.

A popular one for muscle building is called carnitine and wonderful body fat reduction is called L-carnitine. Now, they’re just two examples that are very, very popular and people have used for many years. There’s lots of supplements out there. We can give you some advice on which ones are good based on your goals and your situation.

How do I get abs?

With getting abs, a lot of people are under the impression that you can just do a whole bunch of sit ups every day. And then your abs are just gonna appear. And quite frankly, it just does not work like that.

So, abs are made in the kitchen. Now what I mean by that is, all of us have abdominal muscles. But what happens is, when we have excess body fat, a lot of our body fat tends to be around where the abdomen is. And what that does is it, it covers your abdominal muscles.

So if you if you’ve got the wrong diet, but you’re doing 1000 sit ups a day, and you’re not reducing that body fat percentage, you’re never going to see abs, it’s just not going to happen.

So it really requires you to have the right nutrition you need to be doing it needs to be geared towards body fat reduction. As you know, we’ve mentioned previously calorie deficit, that’s very important, the diet must be right, and so you can get rid of that body fat. And then you can see abs. Now once you get to that stage, and you can start seeing abs, then the core exercises, obviously providing that you stay on your diet, they will start to make your abs look nicer and bigger as they will, keep continually volumizing those muscle cells.

But there’s absolutely no way you can see abs, even if you’re doing 1000 setups a day. If you’re not doing your diet properly. If you’re not in that calorie deficit, it’s just not going to happen. So to get abs, you must have your diet right. And obviously there’s a whole bunch of core exercises that you have to do for the abdominals. You’ve got, your lower abs, upper abs and then your side obliques, and they must all be worked equally well. So you can get the entire abdominal area activated and growing.

So how do I train Or what do I do?

This is a question we get asked quite a lot, obviously, particularly people who have just started out and have absolutely no idea what to do, or how the techniques or machines work, or anything like that.

So it can be quite daunting when you’re first starting to go to a gym, but not knowing what you’re doing. It’s very challenging to explain to someone in one conversation, or even in one session, how to train because there’s all these different muscle groups, there’s all these different types of exercises and techniques to be done. And it’s something that you got to learn over time.

I don’t believe it takes too long to learn. But it is something you have to be patient and consistent with. For example, someone could want to just get fit, I just want to get fit. That’s all, I don’t care about muscle, I just want to get fit. So then I would advise them that they need to be doing cardiovascular training, and making sure that their diet is on point as well, so that eating nice and healthy, they’ve got enough calories in there to ensure they’ve got enough energy to do their workouts and not be burnt out.

If someone wants to do weight training, or sorry, if someone wants to get bigger, or build a core, or get stronger, I would explain to them that they need to be doing resistance training, and then showing them over time how it works.

Now, it does take time, as I said before, and it is very complex. So it is hard to just tell someone in one go, this is exactly how it’s done. Because there’s so much to it. And that’s why we’ve created the pocket PT app, what that’s going to do is take all the guesswork out of it, you’re not going to be guessing what to do from day one.

Even if you’ve never stepped foot in a gym, you’re going to feel like you’re savvy because that virtual trainer shows you exactly what to do. The technique shows the exercises and your program is all set out for you. There is absolutely no guesswork. So if you’re somebody that has absolutely no clue how to get started, or what to do, but you want results, then pocket PT is a fantastic app that you can use.

So that’s basically how to answer that question because it’s impossible to answer it in one go. It’s something that has to be shown over time. People can read about it. But unless you put it into practice, it’s not really going to sink in.

So this is what needs to be discussed with a professional, somebody that actually understands programming. And somebody that can actually understand that you’ve got your own body type, you’ve got your own height and weight, everyone’s different. So there’s always different approaches required for different people. However, the same types of principles do apply with it.

How do I build my glutes?

So, with building glutes, there’s many different ways to do it. And usually a lot of people do this on their leg day, because it’s all connected with the leg muscles. One really popular way to build your glutes is by doing the glute bridge with resistance.

So that’s just one of the ways which we can show you how at the club. But again, you know, when it comes to any type of body part that you want to build, you must be consistent with it each week, and a diet must be right. So there’s many, many exercises you can do to build your glutes.

Another one that you can do is a sumo leg press, or a sumo squat going a bit lower. Bulgarian split squats, there’s quite a few. But the glute bridge is one that, we see a lot of people doing. And it really targets the glute area if you’ve done it correctly. And this should be shown how to do it by a professional in a gym.

It’s very important to activate your glutes and get them working, because, quite often gets left behind in workouts. So these are some of the exercises that you can do to build includes.

So the question about how do I lose weight?

Well, for weight loss, it’s a combination of good nutrition, and weight training or resistance training.

So basically, with the nutrition side of things, everybody has a daily maintenance calorie intake requirement. With weight loss, what you want to do is you want to be in a deficit of that regular maintenance, calorie requirement per day. And if you combine that with the training, it’s got a synergistic effect, which makes everything happen a lot faster, so your weight loss will occur a lot faster than just going on a diet.

The other difference is, when you combine good nutrition with resistance training or weight training, you’re basically focusing on losing body fat percentage, and not just weight. If we’re focusing on just weight, which is what a lot of people do, then what’s going to happen is you can also lose muscle. And so body fat percentage reduction is so important and increasing lean muscle. So if you can bind these two together, you’re going to have greater results, you’re going to have a better body shape, you’re going to start increasing your bone density and your strength, you’re just going to get the best of both worlds.

So nutrition, calorie deficit, and then resistance training or weight training, are very powerful in weight loss.

One question we get asked a lot is how do I get bigger or grow muscles.

So quite simply, what you have to do is to get your diet right first.

You’re going to make sure you get enough protein, carbohydrates and fats per day in order to grow, and then you need to be doing weight training. So cardiovascular training is not what’s required for building muscle. It’s weight training.

Some people don’t understand that. When I say weight training, some people like to follow resistance training and strength training. And a good way to grow your muscles is called hypertrophy, which focus on volumizing those muscle cells. So with hypertrophy, usually doing reps of say eight or eight to 12 repetitions, making sure that the last couple of reps are burning.

And what you also want to do is something called progressive overload. So as you continue along your journey, every couple of weeks or every few weeks, what you want to do is you want to slightly increase your weights on every single set exercise that you do. Over time you will start volumizing your muscle cells.

If you if you stay at the same weights, it’s just not going to grow fast enough, or you will plateau and feel stagnant. That’s when a lot of people quit.

So nutrition, making sure that your carbs, proteins and fats are adequate per day. And then your training program. Whether you’re a beginner, or your intermediate or advanced, all the same rules apply.

So it’s very important to understand that if you want to grow your muscles, you must be doing weight training, and you must be changing up your program at least every eight to 12 weeks.

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