McDowall is an outer northern suburb of Brisbane, Queensland. This small area consists of 4.293 square kilometres and is home to 7,237 people. The population is nearly half male (48.8%) and about one year above the average Australian age. It is also home to Valentine McDowall Park, which is operated by the local council.

McDowall is part of the City of Brisbane and is approximately 10 km from central Brisbane. Located near Everton Park, McDowall is also close to Stafford Heights and Chermside West. In addition, it is surrounded by Cabbage Tree Creek, which flows through the suburb. There is also a public reserve, called Raven Street Reserve, that has 24 hectares of bushland.

McDowall is home to many trees throughout the suburb. However, there are not too many attractions in the area. While there are a few shopping centres, the only major attraction is the McDowall State School. Named in honour of Colonel John McDowall, the school was opened in 1975. More about Arana Hills

McDowall is also home to the Flockton Plaza, a drive-in shopping centre that opened in the 1970s on the southern boundary of the suburb. This shopping complex features specialty stores and services. Other amenities include a supermarket and a bus service.

McDowall has an average of seven estates and a buyer demand index. The suburb is also surrounded by several linear reserves. Most of the streets in McDowall are themed to commemorate noted figures in film and television. Some are even named after movies. One of the most popular movie-themed streets is titled Chaplin.

During the late 1800s, the surveyor-general of Queensland, Archibald McDowall, supervised the first town survey of Roma. He was also the first president of the Queensland Institute of Surveyors. When he was appointed as surveyor-general, he introduced a time-standard system and adopted strict adherence to surveys on true meridian lines. He also eliminated the magnetic compass and replaced it with a theodolite. His evidence led to the passage of legislation and promoted land settlement.

McDowall is the home of the Raven Street Reserve, which has 24 hectares of lush bushland. In the 1960s, the reserve started to evolve. Today, it is part of a long stretch of green areas. You can also visit the new Foodie precinct in Everton Park. Check this out

McDowall is also home to Northside Christian College, which was opened in 1985. It is located in Flockton Road, next to the North West Private Hospital. If you are looking for a place to stay, you may want to check out the modern townhomes that are available. They offer a long lease, and you can also take advantage of guaranteed rent from DHA.

McDowall is a relatively small suburb, but it is definitely worth a visit. There are a few attractions in the area, such as the Valentine McDowall Park and the Raven Street Reserve. It is a short drive from many other suburbs and a great place for a quick break.

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