McDowall is a suburb of Brisbane, Queensland. It is a relatively small and compact area that is surrounded by forest. The population of the suburb is around 6500. In the 2011 census, the median age was 38 years. There are two community-based shopping centres in the suburb. One is called McDowall Village, and the other is called North-West Plaza. Both of these malls are anchored by Woolworths and IGA supermarkets. They also offer services and specialty stores.

One of the most prominent features of McDowall is the Raven Street Reserve. The reserve is an area of about 24 hectares of lush bushland. This green space was protected from development by Greenbelt designation in the 1950s. It has since been managed by the City Council. A large Chermside Hills public reserve is located nearby.

Another notable feature of the suburb is the Valentine McDowall Park. It was designated as a greenbelt in the 1950s when the local area was subdivided. Since 1972, it has been under the management of the council. learn more about McDowall

McDowall is also home to a state school, called the McDowall State School. It was named in honor of Colonel John McDowall, who was a distinguished early settler of the area. He was also a surveyor. During his public career, he earned a reputation for impartiality and professionalism. Besides being a great surveyor, he also advocated careful planning of access roads.

Another notable feature of the suburb is its proximity to Everton Park. Many visitors to the suburb come from nearby and far. For instance, the Northside Christian College is located on Flockton Road, next to the North West Private Hospital. Also, the McDowall State School is close to several shopping malls. With its location in the northern suburbs, McDowall is a good choice for families.

McDowall is also known for its roadways, which are themed to commemorate pioneers in the film and television industries. As such, there are roads that have been named after movie stars such as Charlie Chaplin and Robin Williams. These streets were introduced to the area in the 1970s. Some of these streets are named after famous movie characters, including Gable, Fonda, Chaplin, Niven and Hepburn.

McDowall’s other notable feature is its proximity to the City of Brisbane. The Brisbane CBD is only about 11 kilometres from the suburb. In fact, the city is located within the Australian Eastern Standard Time zone.

In the 1970s, the suburb’s housing establishments started to develop. More Hollywood-themed streets were added to the McDowall neighbourhood in the 1980s and 1990s. Finally, the town’s population reached 2500 in the 1980s, then grew to 6500 in 2001. Overall, the population of the suburb has been growing, as it is located just 9 kilometres from the centre of the capital of Queensland. Visit here.

McDowall is a small, yet thriving suburb of the Brisbane region. With its close proximity to the city, it is one of the most popular places to live in Brisbane.

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